Help master BL streamer for arduino (Connectivity BOX)

Hello community,

I am working on connectivity box prototype. It needs to be able to get wireless data over 4g/3g and GPS and send it through BL

I would like to base this project on Arduino. I have found a really nice Arduinio shield which presents most of the features I need (3g/4g/GPS) based on the IC LE910.

The idea is, that this box needs to be able to connect to bluetooth peripherals. For instance, commercial wireless speakers. My problem is that so far I have not found a good approach for that. 99% of the information you can find related to Arduino + BL is having arduino acting as slave, but not as a master device.

So far the best approach seems to be smt similar to RN52SRC IC, but I have not found much information.

I that tutorial, the present the IC and use it as an slave device. It seems that with the latest firmware of RN52SRC it can also work as a master device.

Can anyone help here? Any idea for better approaches? Any experience with this BL module? any help is welcomed.

Thanks in advance