Help me Arduino circuit

I wanted some help on a simple Arduino nano circuit. I showed you the arrangement in the attached photo. I wanted to know if there is a risk of burning the card. The circuit consists of an Arduino nano and an rgb led strip that I represented with a led. The generator is a 19V and 3A power supply. The strip consumes 260mA. I did not know exactly how much it consumed without loads connected, or rather only 3 transistors that I did not put in the circuit for simplicity as they consume very little, and looking I saw that it should consume about 30 mA. I wanted to know what problems I might have with this circuit. PS (the strip works even if powered at 14 V. I would be very grateful if you would also tell me how I should do it in case I want to add an IR sensor to the circuit. Thanks in advance I want to specify that I am a neophyte, so I ask sorry if I did something wrong.

Can you show us an accurate schematic?

In what sense what should I do

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Please show us a labelled schematic of your set-up

I uploaded the schematic as a png you can't see it?

I can see an A, an E and a 160 Ohm resistor.
And a diode thing

There are only these elements in the circuit, the A is the Arduino nano, the E is the 19V power supply and the diode would be the RGB strip

Was there any heat?

I haven't tried it yet, I asked just to be sure not to burn Arduino

Is there any chance we might see an accurate schematic? You know, pin numbers and accuracy?

If you want I can take a photo of the circuit obviously not in operation

Will the photo be clear and absolutely unambiguous?

Otherwise, no.

Certo non preoccuparti

Maybe you should have posted in the Italian section to start with.

Yes I know I got confused with the language, but I am happy with the English forum, and in any case I understand it, in any case now I send the photo

I tried to make it as clear as possible. The three transistors have the emitter connected to the ground, and the collector connected to the mass of the led strip, and the base connected to the Arduino (I will put some resistors) Arduino is connected to 19 V with a 100 ohm resistor, and also to the ground , I will then change the resistance with a 160 one, and the black cables are those of the power supply.

Where were the transistors in the original post?


I know the transistors weren't there. The resistance is for Arduino to only get 5v, and it should be 160

Why weren't the transistors there?
Didn't you think they were important?

How do you figure 160 ohms?
Why not use a regulator?

At the moment I don't have a regulator, and I calculated 160 ohms by doing R = V / I, I wanted there to be a voltage of 5 v and the current used by Arduino without any element connected is 30 mA (at least so I found) so applying the formula I found 160 ohms.

I'm sorry that's not how it works.

This is going to take a while.

Be patient.