Help me build a quadrotor -COMPLETE :)

Hi, Please help me build a quadrotor. I have the following stuff-

1) Arduino Pro mini x1 2)IMU 6DOF x1 3)BLDC motors x4 4) ESCs x4 5)FTDI chip. 6)Tx & Rx 7) 4000Mah LiPo battery.

Any guides?

Regards. Rahul

Interesting idea to buy all that stuff, and then ask for advice. I'd have done it the other way around.

There are quite a number of sites that can help you.

haha. oops i bought it mistakenly. can i build my own aeroquad shield? an i hav the circuit schematics?

If you already have the shield, what help do you actually need?

Actually I wanted to learn how all the code works..not just coping it and pasting it..i wanted to learn :(

i think u r familiar with the c and c++ programming techniques>>> the same goes here but the output will in mechanics as well as softcopies>>>>>> ;) XD XD XD :) :) :)