help me connect arduido single serial to smoke sensor MQ 2

hi ... I ask a favor anyone have a script for a serial Arduino single sensor to detect smoke MQ 2.

Hello, I have just bought a breakout board with the MQ-2 from here I was wondering if you have made any progress. The code included is for standard reading of an analog port. Googling around, I think this is the best I found,55780.0.html. However it's not exacltly about MQ-2. The MQ-2 datasheet is here . The datasheet is not the most clear one to me. Basicaly what we are looking for is Rs/Ro. Ro is constant and is the referance R at 1000ppm of H2. At this point Rs=Ro, so as long as we can calculate Rs at this point we will know Ro, too. But how do we calculate Rs at 1000ppm of H2? And how do we calculate Rs anyway? The analog read gets voltage for us, right?

Hello yusuf_ali10, I don't know if you made any progress but check the discussion at,55780.0.html .