help me controlling stepper motor via SLA7026M

I want to control a unipolar stepper motor stp-42d3016(36? full winding, 1.8° step) with SLA7026M chip, i have a lots of them. By far I'm only able to get the datasheet and specifications of driver here, but not a good circuit(including resistors and capacitors with marked values). Am wishing to make it, but am not good at electronics, please help me

I found another Thread about this subect here - surprised you didn't mention it.

Why have you started a new Thread?


I want to learn about this new chip I got i.e. SLA7026, also I’d like to know how to control stepper motors, am really into it, but due to lack of my knowledge in electronics I’m always kicked back. I beg you to please help me, even a rough sketch will be helpful enough.

I don't know anything about that chip.

Anyone who is going to give you advice will also need to have the details of your motor and they are in the other Thread so it would seem easier for everyone if you ask the moderator to merge this with the other Thread. Or ask someone to ask the Moderator.


Thanks a lot man.