Help me find the right tool: 1 Analog input to USB

Hi Everyone

I have a project which is space sensitive and basically requires only one analog input. The device should however be automatically recognized (as in, I dont want to worry "which com port is it" as I have to do with Arduinos)

I like the teensey, becouse rumor has it I cen let it emulate a USB device:

I like this formfactor a lot:

Both of these products feel overkill for my needs though.

What I want to do is basically create an additional scroll-wheel for moving through contents, such as a website. It should have the form-factor of a flash-drive, or usb dongle.

Any suggestions?



Can you just plug in one of the little laptop wireless mouse kind of thing? Best buy shows 157 different models, here's an inexpensive one.

hm. I would actually like to directly attach a potentiometer to my computer. I am sure there are some hacks which will have the same effect, but I want to figure out how to do it my (maybe more complicated) way:

take some analog sensor (i.e. potentiometer) --> connect it to some type of A/D converter --> connect it via USB to a computer --> have the computer recognize the device as the scroll wheel of a mouse

In the end I want a little USB dongle, with a twistable nob, which I can just plug into my laptop and scroll through text.

(and yes, its a gross oversimplification of what will be going on.)

Is this clearer?

Any suggestions?

as far as i know teensy uses an atmel chip that has built in usb support

for your project you need to look at some usb implementations for atmel vusb usbtiny

hope this helps

I'm a big fan of the Teensy. I have several and they have served me very well.

Given the fact that you are building an HID device, the Teensy is a very good choice...

The price is certainly reasonable ($16). And, the Arduino IDE enhancements are a nice bonus.

I remember seeing this a long time ago. Looks like it supports hid, so im sure you could emulate a scroll wheel.

thats pretty sweet. thanks for the link, bilbo :-)