Help me find this 9v Batter holder

Hey, I was given a project box from a friend and we are trying to find where this 9v battery holder came from. I have attached pictures. It is flush mount, has tabs and not the snap on wires, and has a door that the end user can gain easy access to replace the battery.

I cannot find it anywhere online, except some battery holders for guitars, but they are in the $15 range. This holder looks like they are a dime a dozen.

Thanks for any help, Victor.

battery (2.68 MB)

more pictures

battery (2.74 MB)

Digikey has some that are close:

As far as I can tell, those are not meant for the end user. Think about your tv remote. When you want to change batteries you turn it over and there is a tab usually that you move to pull the cover off. There are the batteries that you simply change. They have metal tabs and not wires that snap on the battery. The compartment is usually sealed off from the rest of the remote so you cannot see the circuit board.

I need a battery box that fits that description, except it is stand alone that you can drop in an existing project box by cutting a hole and it snapping in place, sitting flush when finished. Thanks for any help.