help me fix pin was not declared in this scope


Hers the code.

#include <LED.h>
void setup()
pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT); // sets the pins as output
pinMode(grnPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(bluPin, OUTPUT);

if (DEBUG) { // If we want to see values for debugging…
Serial.begin(9600); // …set up the serial ouput

// Main program: list the order of crossfades
void loop()

if (repeat) { // Do we loop a finite number of times?
j += 1;
if (j >= repeat) { // Are we there yet?
exit(j); // If so, stop.

before setup(), add: byte j; byte redPin 2; byte grnPin 3; byte bluPin 4;

or whatever pins you are using.

    exit(j);        // If so, stop.What is this line supposed to do ?

You also do not declare or define repeat or j.

(Or even crossfade() - is this all your code?)

Where did you get the library LED.h? Can you post it, either in code tags (</>) or attach it if it’s too big.