help me for arduino and xbee s2

hi, is the first post in this forum and i need your help i work with arduino mega, arduino uno and xbee s2 in mode API my question is. as I can send a data frame from my router or coordinator ndevice?

what I've done. I have configured the coordinator api so, I have the xbee s2 ruouter at, and from the x-CTU program I can send the package, but at the time it is sent from Arduino to the xbee has not worked for me, I installed the libraries I've done examples but I can not get the package is shipped. I need to do is change some DIO stage, what I always do in X-CTU is to change the DIO3 from high to low, and is the same I need to do but sending the frame from Arduino. The plot's doing at the following address: the result is the next frame:

7E 00 10 17 01 00 13 A2 00 40 B1 E1 46 FF FE 02 44 33 04 A0

this is the plot I need Arduino to send xbee s2. if there is any other way to change the status of a pin xbee could guide me with that please thank you very much beforehand.