Help me get started with Arduino

I want to get started working with Arduino. But I’m sure about the hardware that I will need. I want to work on the Mac and connect the Arduino board with Adobe Flash.

I’ll need the Arduino board and cable to connect and program it. Is there any special items required to interface the Micocontroller board with Flash?

That depends on what you want to do.

I asume you want to interface something to Flash via the Arduino board. Whatever that something is, determines what you need.

I have not used flash myself, but a couple of things you could do is to make Flash react to pusbuttons or switches, or potentiometers.

If you have not already read this, you should:

Good luck

What I’m not sure about what hardware is necessary to connect the Arduino to Flash. It looks like you might be able to communicate from the Decimalia board through the built in USB, but I’m not clear if this is possible.

The built in USB on the Arduino boards, are really a serial port in disguise.

So seen from Flash on your PC it will look like a serial port (COM port).

When you download and install the Arduino software on your PC, there’s also a driver that makes it possible to use the “simulated serial port” .

So yes it is possible, and for the comunication alone you need nothing besides the USB cable.

This is also true if you want to communicate with other environments than Flash. For instance MAX/MSP.

Great, those are exactly the answers I was looking for.

I have worked with the Basic Stamp before. But I prefer working on the Mac and Arduino looks like a good place to get back into this and try some new and different things.

If you have experience with the basic stamp i think you will feel at home working with Arduino.

Of course the programming language is C / JAVA like but the number of instructions are limited so it is very easy to learn. And the basic hardware concepts like digital in and out - analog ind and out - PWM are the same as the BASIC stamp. And the Arduino platform is cheaper than the basic stamp.

The really cool thing about Arduino is the existing community. Thre are litteraly thousands of people working with it, some with a lot of electronics experience, some with a lot of programming experience, and a lot without much experience yet. But if you look around in the forum and in general on the net, there is an asthonishing amount of information available. And there are lots of nice people ready to share and help.