Help me go shopping :D

Hi, I got my mega board a while back and have been getting together a collection of most common development components.

I already have a variety of many things like leds, resistors, voltage regulators, and misc other parts to get me on the way.

What i need help with is finding a list of commonly used [u]capacitors[/u] and [u]transistors[/u] to order. I prefer to find a bulk variety pack to save money and time.

Can anyone link me to either a list or parts pack they order often please. Thank you.


for transistors look at NPN type, 2n2222 seems to be the most common for switching applications since they handle high current (round 600ma)

If you like buying bulk look into the Chinese vendors on eBay, the only downfall is shipping time.

For example, I got some 500ma NPN transistors, 100 of them, for 6.99, free shipping.

1000 capacitors, 22 different values, ceramic, 50v, 14.99 free shipping.

There aren’t as many “assorted” selections as there should be, but they’re out there!

I've used this E-bay asian seller for bulk components and have never been dissapointed yet.


Agree, the 2N2222 are a good versatile NPN transistor. For cases where you need to push a bit more current, I would also recommend the TIP31.