Help me Guys ! --> "exit status 1 expected ',' or '...' before numeric constant"

My error is ->
void srv( int p11, int p21, int p31, int p41, int p12, int p22, int p32, int p42,int p13, int p23, int p33, int 43, int sp1, int sp2, int sp3, int sp4)

"exit status 1
expected ',' or '...' before numeric constant"

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int 43

A variable/parameter name cannot start with a digit. Did you mean "p43"?


Good catch

Its really good to learn to read code - properly read it, spotting errors. This is actually harder than writing code at first - your eye will eventually become trained to home in
on errors and dodgy style intuitively.

My immediate reaction to that line of code is - "don't pass so many values, pass an array
or define a datastructure to hold the information". Long lists are easy places for an error
to slip in, and are hard to read.

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Yesss boy, thaks very much

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