help me guys to solve this problem .the hardware part i know but i need the soft

You task in this assignment is to build an I2C slave that will display any number it receives on a 16x2 LCD display.

Your system should facilitate usage of both lines by accepting an address for the first byte and the number as the second byte. If the first byte is 1, you should display the given number at line 1, same for second line. You can use built-in library for parallel LCD display. Write a small test application using another arduino board which sends some numbers to the other device to be displayed. You can use any valid I2C address for your device.

You should submit multiple screenshots showing your setup and while your program is running as well as the code for the device. Please submit the code in a text file (not word, not a picture). You are allowed to team up with another student, but please clearly mark who you are working with.

When is our assignment due ?

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