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My father is interested in buying a new SUV, but he’s unsure of what he wants. He’s looking into either a Toyota venza or a Toyota Land Cruiser. Anybody have any advice on what would be the better pick of the 2?

I suspect a suspicious link was in there.

Besides that, who would be able to answer such a general question. They're both Toyota so there's unlikely a large difference in quality (which is supposed to be OK, i had no complaints at all with my last car which was another EU model of the brand). The brand decided to offer both models, because there's a market for both, and it's not the same market. Who knows the needs of your father and could be able to answer your question ?

Kind of a dumb question given the fact that the Great and Wise Gorcle # tells us this…

Well, our crystal ball was right. Toyota announced it is canceling the Venza, …

# Google + Oracle = Gorcle

I check out which toyota FWD is popular by watching the news, noting which army or terroist group is driving what model.
Biggest ad for toyota has to be world conflicts, especially in Africa.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Or just watching the recall announcements ...

Hi, Have I heard correctly that you don't park close to a JEEP? Spontaneous combustion?

Here in Australia RIP, Holden RIP FORD. (Indirectly they help me keep my job, but the rise of Windpower has stepped in.)

Tom..... :'(

Name: shop - ia

Post: some generic misdirection with personal reference that transfers to products and a link to a @#$%& advertisement.


Which manufacturer released the Nova?

Spanish: It doesn't go.

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