Help me hack my Pool Cleaner

Summer is upon us and my idea to hack my broken Pool Cleaner has stalled due to lack of free time, and now my pool is GREEN.

I was inspired by David Gironi's hacked Pool Robot. He generously shared the code. My knowledge of circuitry is limited so I was just going to use Arduinos instead of building out my own board. But I just haven't had the time for this project.

The high-level concept was to have one Arduino in the pool robot which would communicate to another Arduino (Yun?) or RPi that's in the power pack which would hold a web interface.

For some reason even though my robot has a fixed dual-track they use stepper motors. Maybe to steer it? If that's the case, I would want to control the X (up and down) and Y (forward and backward) axises. When the robot is vertical on the walls it does produce more downward trust. So incorporating an accelerometer probably would be key. I thought if we're doing that lets add a thermometer, as well.

My goal was to "wirelessly" control/communicate with it, but realized the whole being underwater thing sinks that idea (sorry, pun). But I found this nifty Narrow Band over powerline thingy that would allow communication between the two. Buying two of these is as far as I got.

What I'm looking for is someone who can help me get started by conceptually confirming what is doable/easier route to go to have workable unit in fastest time possible and help with (OK, do most of the) coding.

I'm more than happy to share more info to help anyone decide if this is a viable project for them. I am on oDesk (Now UpWork) and could hire you via them if you are concerned about payment, etc.

I'd like tot do the same with my powerfull, but very unreliable poolcleaner.