Help me hack my swimming pool robot

i have a problem with my pool robot.
mechanically everything works fine ( the 2wheels spin ) yet this year the robot got "stupid"
it just block himself somewhere and stops.
i belive either a sensor is dead or the program got stupid for some reason....

It is out of warranty so nothing to loose here.
The robot is a Zodiac vortex 3. I belive there is only 2 motor for the wheels, 1 motor for water absorption always on. and a sensor to tell the robot when he is out of the water.

First question, do you think the card controlling the robot is inside the robot or on the home?
There is this 2 pin might be for one motor, one for the 0 and one for the sensor.
unfortunately i belive the card is in the robot.

Other question is if the motor are direct current or stepper. I saw a post where someone says it s stepper which will complicate things...

Anyway my goal is to have a arduino controlling some relay activating the motor from outside the water.

I opened the monster and here is what i get

Everything looks in good condition!

Lucky me, the motors are not stepper but DC :slight_smile:

The chip is pic18F2520 and there is 5 pin connector named "PROG1" that i would love to connect to but i do not know how.... any idea?

Also, i had the impression that the robot knew if it was underwater or not.
Yet i can't find any sensor on this board... Also, what kind of sensor would it be since the board is sealed from the water ?

The all thing looks pretty simple to me. If i can't get into the pic, i have space to put a small Arduino in here.
The Arduino will control 4 relay: 1 for on/off motors, 2 for motors forward/backward and 1 for aspiration.

The brown cable is use to communicate with the "home" of the robot outside the swimming pool. I will use it to send commands to this Arduino. Maybe just an InfraRed sensor module that sends command so i can control the robot with a tv remote control :slight_smile: