help me how to control 8 relay with arduino uno and esp8266 through a website

i have started learn arduino.some body can show me. how to connect to website have 8 button.when i click button on or off relay will on or off. but i dont know what happen when i click arduino know button on or off. some one can help me arduino and html code. thanks to help.

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If you want someone to write the code for you then you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section and expect to pay.

This part of the Forum is for people who want help with their own code.

Assuming you want to do it yourself I suggest you start with two separate short programs. One to control the relays based on data sent from the Serial Monitor. That will be reasonably simple.

Then write a separate program to learn how to send data using WiFi and the ESP8266.

Do you want to host the web server on the Arduino or do you want the Arduino to access an existing web server. If you can't answer that question then I suggest you do some learning about web applications using your PC and then you can apply your knowledge to the Arduino.

...R Planning and Implementing a Program

A good place to start would be reading previous forum post concerning the chip.