Help me identify this Arduino board

I have this board which appears to me to be some sort of Arduino (or more likely an Arduino clone as it does not say Arduino on it. It has an ATMega32U4 chip on it, a power switch, micro usb port and a connector for a battery pack. See picture

I have tried uploading to it with no success, but am unsure as to which board I should upload as.

Any suggestions?


Could be a micro.

May not have a bootloader.

Try ICSP to program.

Have tried Micro, Nano and Mini.

What does it mean to not have a bootloader?

What is ICSP?

If an Arduino has boot-loader code installed, this code is used to program your uploaded sketch to the Arduino with just the USB interface.

If there is no boot-loader code installed, you need an external programmer to program your sketch ususing the 'in circuit serial programming' pins. ICSP



It's a "qduino"

I have tried uploading to it with no success

From the Sparkfun page.

Note: Please be sure to double check your board type before uploading to make sure you have “Qduino Mini” selected in the IDE. Otherwise, you could potentially brick your new Qduino board.

Great thanks, didn't have Qduino available in the Board menu but this article helped me to install it