Help me identify this component from a Polulu IR Sensor

Does anyone know where I can find the sensor/emitter that Polulu uses for their line sensor? I would like to design my own breakout board, but dont know where and how to search for the part.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreceate to hear them.

Also if you know any components of similar size, which emit/detect IR, I would like to hear about them.



It's a photoreflector / reflective optical sensor. It's nothing more than a phototransistor and infrared LED packed into one package at 10x the cost.

Newark/Farnell seem to categorize theirs under "optocouplers". Which doesn't really make sense.

hm yes.

But specifically I am looking for something ultra-low profile at a right angle. The polulu part is the best match I have found so far. Any suggestion on what it is specifically that they are using?

(I have asked, but gotten no reply out of them.)

@chagrin (and every one else...)

I have worked a lot with the sensor you just linked to. Its a really nifty and versatile part. I am however specifically looking for this part:

Note the right angle & low profile. Also its not two components fused together in one IC. I suspect that it is the same component used for both the emitter and receiver.

And, well, I still don't know anything more about it since I first started searching. I'm considering ordering some of the pololu boards and simply desoldering them for testing purpose, but for my final application I will need ~ 100 pieces, so that's not an option anymore.

might work.