Help me identify this connector

Hello, in one project I need to connect to a trimble Agriculture GPS, and the steering motor has a strange connector I need to find a supplier for.

All the other connectors in the GPS are normal Amphenol (or Deutsch) ATM06-12s /ATP04-6P…etc. but this one is giving me a headache to find-

Attached are the pictures.
Any help would be appreciated!





Looks like GX16 aviation connectors...

Also, uf you use the FULL editor it's possible to embed pictures properly in a post....


Maybe an M12? Often used in industrial automation.

Thanks everyone, but all those connectors look alike...but they all have the locking thread INSIDE, while mine has them outside, which is weird and it's why Im having such a hard time to find them...

That's a bit... weird...

I found these....

But they're OPPOSITE.
On these the Male connectors are the ones to have the outside threads, not the Female.

It seems NO ONE has a sensible site for IDing connectors.
They're all 'select environment and purpose'

The convention is that the Female connectors have 'Female' threads, that is, they have threads on the inside of the barrel or the locking ring, while Male connectors have them on the outside.
(Think nuts and bolts. The nut is the Female, and the bolt is Male)
It's actually possible that what you have here is that they've deliberately swapped the cores of male and female connectors to make it impossible to plug in something else by accident. Or for manufacturer lock-in...

Exactly, all I'm finding are opposite, that's my problem now.
I've sent an email to Sales at Amphenol to see if they can identify it

Thanks everyone!