Help me identifying LCD, please...

Hello there. I have LCD labelled WD-F1216Y3-6FLWf. Found totally nothing about it. LCD have 12 pins, resolution 128x160, probably 262k colors, i'm sure it's SPI. Do some measurement, with uncertain results. I'm sure about these pins:

1-GND, 4&5-VDD (2,8-3,3V), 7-SS, 9-PWM for backlight, 10-backlight (about 5V if lit), 11&12-GND.

based on measurement of logic analyzer i think of:

2-DataIN, 3-SCLK, 6-RESET, 8-D/C.

but very unsure.

This LCD is used in SIEMENS Gigaset C59H. Found some indicies that this LCD is used in NOKIA1800, but pinout is different. Please, help me someone with this. Thanks.

BTW-i was use logic analyzer that i wrote for Arduino :slight_smile: