help me in wheel chair project

my project is to make a small 20-22 cm portable wheel chair that will move in forward,backward,left and right directions controlled from the Arduino Joystick and there will be a solar panel on the top, attached to it so that there will be no need of recharging batteries all over again.


Complete Arduino Starter kit. ( it has Resistors,Transistors, Breadboards, Micro servo,LED’s,Diodes,Jumper wires,arduino UNO,stepper motor and many small things…)
Arduino UNO.
Arduino Motor Shield L298 ( for driving motors).
2 DC motors attached with wheels( taken from remote control car).
9 Volt Solar panel.
Rechargeable batteries.
Extra jumper wires.
Arduino Joystick ( ordered from


Until now I have taken 4 wheel car chassis (attached 2 DC motors) from a remote control toy car , have placed motor shield on the top of arduino UNO , connected motor wires to the motor shield and connected joystick.
downloaded arduino software 1.6.0 and uploaded many coding’s in it, taken from arduino forum and helpful links…
but the problem is my chassis (wheels) doesn’t move in any direction.
actually i need help in proper assembling this circuit with the coding…

plus I am also confused whether I should use Stepper motor , Servo or DC motor…???

i am using this joystick … please provide me coding for this joystick…

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actually i need help in proper assembling this circuit with the coding..

Basically you have a jumble of stuff that you will put in a bag, give it a good shaking, and presto, some kind of working wheelchair project will be produced. Have you actually got any single part of your project working?