Help me out - examples for a workshop

Hi Everyone

I am holding a workshop on open source technology and DIY movement tomorrow. I have some really nice examples of how open sourced and crowdsourced development can work. However, my example is fairly software based. (I am going to speak about Tony Quan and the eyewriter project).

I plan on eventually moving from open source software to "open hardware" and in the course of the workshop will let the participants work with arduinos.

So, now my question for you: What are the coolest arduino projects you are aware of? Preferribly something which can be understood by someone non-techy and if it is of social significance it would be even cooler.

(pls. excuse terrible spelling, I am deeply sleep deprived and cant really think streight at the moment.)


Maybe pick out a few things here with open source schematic diagrams?

Or maybe some single-side arduino clone design that you can make at home?

Neither software nor hardware is easy to show just by themselves. You need to present cool projects people make with them.

Not sure if you want something to show or something for them to make.
Have a brows round my projects starting with a silly one:-

If it is something to make then a simple steady hands bent coat hanger, wiggly wire game is low cost enough to do on mass but simple enough for a beginner to see hardware and software working together.

My Blinkenlight project has very simple hardware. You can easily copy this on breadboard. The lightpainting / POV experiments need no technical expertise. However you may need something more stable than a breadboard. Breadboard + hot glue might be sufficient though the shields will definitely work better. The social component is somewhat missing. Unless you find a way to do team light paintings :wink:

hey guys

actually I was looking for something amazing to demonstrate. As in, we did some simple projects and I was looking for some interactive art to show them how far you could take the Arduino.

Anyway I was really tired and overworked when I posted and didnt specify it very well I guess. Thanks for the suggestions though... really love the blinkenlight - thats exactly the type of stuff I was looking for :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot for the flowers. Your application is exactly the use case I designed it for :slight_smile: If you like it tell more friends about it.