Help me pick a flux pen for surface mount soldering

I’ve seen videos of surface mount IC soldering using flux. I have no idea what exact flux pen or applicator to use. Here is a list:

My board and solder are both lead free. What I saw as a small brush with flux on it and another type is a syringe. Maybe chipquik?

Several types of flux such as no-clean, etc. also confuse me. What do you use? Can you recommend one for me? Thanks.

i make my own flux pen with empty sharpie marker and violin rosin dillute in paint thiner :)

Try one of the first 2 here

Thanks CR. I’ll get all three just to see what “no-clean” may do. I made a mess without flux. Even tiny solder tips won’t do. They can’t hold solder on their tips.

The 3rd is flux remover. I use a small stiff brush and very high percent isopropyl alchohol for cleaning (99.9 anhydrous, also from MG Chemical).

Thanks. I might just need that too :) BTW, my first SMD board is working :) Made a couple of mistakes but nothing jumper wires can't fix.