Help Me Please

Hello Friends.
I have a project build device of air monitoring using arduino uno DT-sense Carbon monoxide types MQ-7 sensor, can someone help me out about coding for it please

I also have to display it in a mobile application, I am using intel XDK for the application but I also do not have coding for it, someone told me that I have to learn a programming socket, can someone please help me.

i really need help. please. :sob: :sob: :sob:

I find this one.
(Other datasheet states 1.5V as low voltage)
Alternate power supply 5V / 1.4V (60sec/90/sec) for a looong time
Use a 10k serial.(more or less)
Read voltage just before end of 90 sec period. Calculate sensors resistance at this point.
This will be your reference point… (usually indoor environment is 0.5 to 5ppm CO)

When reading for CO. Calculate the change in resistance (Rs/Ro) This will be ‘y’ in the formula below.
Solve for x.

Previous picture has an error… (40 should be 50)
New formula: Rs/Ro = 22.2 * ppm-0,67