Help me to create a Secret Handshake that unlocks the door.

Hey, Arduino community.

I need your help.

This is my first Arduino project, and I have no clue what to do. :slight_smile:

So I have this idea: I want to create a hand-shaped door handle and when someone ‘shakes the hand with a secret handshake’, it unlocks the door.

I’ve created a silicone hand and now need to find a way to how to create the secret hand-shake bit.

The best solution that I’ve come up so far is that I could implant few buttons inside the hand and when someone presses these buttons in a correct sequence (similar to the keypad) it unlocks the door.

Is that the right solution? Is that even doable? What should I do to make it happen? What Arduino parts and code I should use to make this happen?

I attached an image of places where I want to implant the buttons.

I found this Arduino lock: Setting Up the Electronic Door Lock | Remote controlled door lock using a fingerprint sensor & Adafruit IO | Adafruit Learning System

I just need to know how to trigger it to unlock by pressing on three buttons.

Can anyone help me?



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Do you plan to locate the buttons secretly so that only those who are authorised know where they are? And the order in which the buttons are pressed is irrelevant - as long as they are all pressed at the same time?
Will the buttons be visible and the security is provided by pressing them in a specific order?

IMHO 3 buttons does not provide much security unless you implement a long interval between a failed attempt and the time ehen the next attempt can be made.

To be honest, I think you will find the system frustrating to use compared to a regular keypad.


There are multiple threads on the subject of 'pushbutton combination lock'. You may find inspiration there.

Thanks, Robin2, dougp

@Robin2 - I've been thinking to hide them underneath the surface, so only people who know where to press can find them. I've also been thinking that buttons could be pressed separately. BUT - I'm really open to this. I do also like the idea that they are pressed all together. That way I can plant some misleading buttons inside the hand to confuse people. Only those who know where the right buttons are can open the door.

@dougp - Thanks, dude - I'll have look.


I'd attach the hand on top of one of those arcade joysticks and encode the "handshake" as a sequence of directions:

It would be creepy as hell! :astonished: