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#include "Arduino.h"
#include "Buzzer.h"
#include "Button.h"

// Pin Definitions
#define BUZZER_PIN_SIG 2
#define PUSHBUTTON_PIN_2 4

// Global variables and defines

// object initialization
Buzzer buzzer(BUZZER_PIN_SIG);
Button pushButton(PUSHBUTTON_PIN_2);

// define vars for testing menu
const int timeout = 10000; //define timeout of 10 sec
char menuOption = 0;
long time0;

// Setup the essentials for your circuit to work. It runs first every time your circuit is powered with electricity.
void setup()
// Setup Serial which is useful for debugging
// Use the Serial Monitor to view printed messages
while (!Serial) ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB

menuOption = menu();


// Main logic of your circuit. It defines the interaction between the components you selected. After setup, it runs over and over again, in an eternal loop.
void loop()

if(menuOption == '1') {
// Buzzer - Test Code
// The buzzer will turn on and off for 500ms (0.5 sec)
buzzer.on();       // 1. turns on
delay(500);             // 2. waits 500 milliseconds (0.5 sec). Change the value in the brackets (500) for a longer or shorter delay in milliseconds.;      // 3. turns off.
delay(500);             // 4. waits 500 milliseconds (0.5 sec). Change the value in the brackets (500) for a longer or shorter delay in milliseconds.
else if(menuOption == '2') {
// IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor - Test Code
//Read IR obstacle Sensor. irObjAvoidVar will be '1' if an Obstacle was detected
//Use the onboard trimmer to set the distance of alert
bool irObjAvoidVar = !digitalRead(IROBJAVOID_PIN_OUT);
Serial.print(F("ObjAvoid: ")); Serial.println(irObjAvoidVar);

else if(menuOption == '3') {
// Mini Pushbutton Switch - Test Code
//Read pushbutton state. 
//if button is pressed function will return HIGH (1). if not function will return LOW (0). 
//for debounce funtionality try also pushButton.onPress(), .onRelease() and .onChange().
//if debounce is not working properly try changing 'debounceDelay' variable in Button.h
bool pushButtonVal =;
Serial.print(F("Val: ")); Serial.println(pushButtonVal);


if (millis() - time0 > timeout)
    menuOption = menu();


// Menu function for selecting the components to be tested
// Follow serial monitor for instrcutions
char menu()

Serial.println(F("\nWhich component would you like to test?"));
Serial.println(F("(1) Buzzer"));
Serial.println(F("(2) IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor"));
Serial.println(F("(3) Mini Pushbutton Switch"));
Serial.println(F("(menu) send anything else or press on board reset button\n"));
while (!Serial.available());

// Read data from serial monitor if received
while (Serial.available()) 
    char c =;
    if (isAlphaNumeric(c)) 
        if(c == '1') 
      Serial.println(F("Now Testing Buzzer"));
    else if(c == '2') 
      Serial.println(F("Now Testing IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor"));
    else if(c == '3') 
      Serial.println(F("Now Testing Mini Pushbutton Switch"));
            Serial.println(F("illegal input!"));
            return 0;
        time0 = millis();
        return c;


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