Help me to get my display working


I have and mobile display with touch screen which i took out from the “CHINA mobile”(these are very cheap in India and available every where).

I don’t know anything about it. It has 37 Pin

I am posting its pictures.

please see to it and tell me if you know how to make it work.
I have arduino UNO r3.

Thank You

Could be similar to this display:


Actual its similar to it but not same.

my screen has 37 pin and website you gave has 40 pin

and thx for reply

You probably should do some deeper investigation. The “40 pin” applies to the module connector, not to the display connector. And with a closer look to the module connector, you will see that there are three unused pins:

So both displays have 37 active pins.

Oliver Try contacting them for a datasheet ?!?