help me to understand LED Matrix


I just read and try to understand how LED matrix work from (Project# 16)

At Page 97, to me it's like that if we want more then 1 led to ON all the time ... we have to do multiplexing. and it mean that we produce POV phenomenon.

Is it true that the fact is the LEDs blink in very fast frequency rather then "actualy" ON ?

If it is true, is there any way to build a LED matrix that kan turn on multiple led in actualy-ON mode ?

My purpose is to build a matrix of opto-isolators, each in turn (via relay) will drive AC device.

Sincerely -bino-

actually u can turn on a group of LEDs, but never more than u have in one row or column (depending on scanning direction) and u won't overcome it. that's how matrix works.

u might use flip-flops ( ) to control relays that's probably what i would do. say u have 8x8 matrix and want to replace it with 64 relays. u put flip-flops (+some transistors to amplify signal so it would b enough for relays) instead of LEDs and trigger one scanning cycle to program all flip-flops. just an idea though ;)

It seems that normal Gcode plots arcs rather than curves, Why is this?

In that case you don't want to use a matrix. What you want is some addressable latches, google them.