help me, What type of motor(360 deg) is used to control a tripod turnstile?

im an ECE student and my thesis is about RFID based security and monitoring system with SMS alert, therefore in security system we will be using a tripod turnstile that will be controlled by an arduino microcontroller, my question is that i dont know yet what type of motor used to control in turning the arms of a tripod turnstile. this motor must be 360 deg. there it will be divided into 3, a 120 degrees each turn, please help me thank you c:

I didn't realise they used a motor. The ones I go through, you have to push yourself and it is often quite hard work.

What do you mean by a "tripod turnstile"? I understand both words by themselves, but not together.

What is "ECE"?

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Off hand, you might want to look at stepper motors (

Another possibility is servo motors ( Normally servo motors will only go from 0…180 degrees, but I would expect with a 2:1 gear ratio, you could turn the full 360 degrees in 2 degree increments.

Obviously the selection of motor depends on how fast you need it to go, how much torque you need the motor to move, how much power the motor needs, and what your budget is. Its your project, so get cracking and figure out what parameters you need in a motor.

I want to see a picture of this "tripod turnstile"! :)

I think I've realised what it is now. You don't EVER want to drive one of them, unless you've got really, really good indemnity.

One of these?


Yup, that's the thing. Now imagine a three year-old being mangled by a motorised one.

Ouch. What about the bits of me that are around that height.

Yup, that’s the thing.
Now imagine a three year-old being mangled by a motorised one.

Particularly a three year old whose parents are practising lawyers :smiley: :fearful:

Be grateful - we could have saved you an awful lot of money. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, imagine the legal costs if you'd gone ahead and got it wrong.

Why do you want to turn it using a motor? Normally with these, you push them as you walk through, and they are locked to prevent them turning to restrict access.

Of course, if you are referring to something other than the device we have been discussing, then you need to explain what that is.

it doesnt took me to cost a lot, its only on ur mind, my project is successful, RFID + Arduino + GSM + VB, GG negatives

+turnstile ofcourse