Help me with this problem!

Also, I believe the assignment requires you to attach your own button to reset the LED, rather than use the inbuilt reset switch.

my prof told us in class it was acceptable to wire a button to the reset pin on the arduino board so i did that!

Fantastic. Do you feel that you have satisfied all of the requirements?

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i do! i actually presented the circuit this morning and scored a 100. Now my code just needs to be reviewed and iā€™m am confident in it! thank you for all the help !!

No worries, you pretty much did it yourself, we just pointed you in the correct direction.

Good job

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Always, unless there is a reason to use floats. There almost never is unless the thing you are measuring actually comes to the microcontroller in the form of a float. That is very unusual - the DAC value is an integer, times such as the millis() value are long integers.

Just occasionally you have something such as a temperature value or time that you wish to display as what looks like a float, which you can do in the final display routine and even then it is generally easier to display as a fixed point divided into integral and fractional parts. Any comparisons are much simpler with integers.