Help me !!!

I want my Arduino Mega to control 4 power outlets (on\off) home electricity is 230v
so i have to design 4 power outlets which should control hair dyer(400w),200w blub,Lcd tv,(50w)pumps
in my project if any fault happens like overvoltage,neutral line fault or overheating happens in any of the outlets that particular outlet should be isolate which should be indicate with LED for this which component should use whether SSR relay or 4 channel Relay shield ??

Please help me understand these things, and remember I'm very new , so if you think I need to but something else, it will be great if you could explain :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lots of Thanks !!!!


Haven't you already posted two other topics about the same thing?

yup i was confuse which one to use either SSR or Relay shield

if the fault occurs which should be indicate in LCD thro zigbee help me out plzz