HELP MEEE PLEASEE, whit a library

good day, please help ''innshield'' try to download the library and I can not and I really mega apiadense please urges of a soul suffering and ayudenme

try to download the library

Which library? Please explain all the steps you took to "try to download the library".

and I can not

Please explain exactly what you mean by "I can not". If you encountered any error messages please provide the exact error messages.

I don't know how you would expect us to help you when you didn't provide any information. If you are having trouble explaining yourself in English then you can find the correct section of the forum for your native language.

Portugues ?


what happens is you try to download a library which is called innshield ... and look and not find it, so I can not download please help me to find it and it can be downloaded.

Ok, so you mean you can't find out where to download the innshield library, is that correct?

Is this the shield: The manual says there is a library but doesn't give a link to download it, not very helpful.

I suggest you contact the manufacturer: Contacto - Inncomex

It looks remarkably like the DFROBOT shield so if the manufacturer is not helpful then see if the old dfrobot help file is of any use just to test it.

Link Here

Scroll down a little and there is some test code too.

As its just an L293 based shield with a tagged on HR sensor you can use the standard HR libraries and a few of the more common motor driver libs too for testing. including the Adafruit ones.