help menu starts WINE , crashes


if I try to get the topics on the help menu (eg Help | Environment) it momentarily opens a WINE desktop window which promptly crashes. (Running IDE on linux)

I'm trying to find out what, on this installation, is allowing that to happen and will remove it . Wine itself will go if it is the culprit.

But what is the format of help topics and what is required to view them?

Right now I have no access to the help menu. Not very helpful.

As far as I know, they are just html files. They should be in the reference sub-directory of the Arduino installation directory.

Indeed they are there and are simple html.

I can't imagine what is causing Wine to run unless arduino is hardcoded to run IExplore , of which I believe there is a Wine mockup exe.

Removing wine may be a good first step but there's something odd here.

confirmed , uninstalling Wine fixed it. Now opens html help in browser.

The installed help is pretty pointless since it is riddled with hardcoded references to so I can’t even work without a live connection.

It’s just a dupe of the one line information.

Both need rewriting to use relative links not absolutes. But that’s another thing no one will look at.