HELP!!! Multi Musical Keyboard Project

Afternoon Ladies and Gents,

I’m new to all this but working my way through things. I need some general advice and would love some help with my project. I shall explain the project best I can!:

There are 4 seperate musical keyboards each with 7 (C<D<E<F<G<A<B) keys

Each key has an LED to light it up

The computer has a pre programmed short song with a total of 30 musical notes

The computer starts the song sequence by sending a signal to one of the 4 available correct note keys, Lighting up the LED and activating the push button ready to be pressed.

Bear with me…

When the key is pressed the note is played the LED switches off and the signal is sent back to the computer.

The computer sends the next signal and the process is repeated until the song is completed.

A seperate LED bulb then needs to flash.

I hope this makes sense. Its for an idea I have had and I would like to get cracking on it but I really am a novice when it comes to programming. HELP if you can!