help - multi SPI

I need to provide a one of a Arduino + shield wifi and + a radio transceiver NRF24L01
the problem clearly is that the shield occupies my SPI and 'NRF24L01 I connect it to the 13-sck, 11-mosi, miso 12. Is there any way to fix the problem?

SPI devices also have a line to select the device called SS. Ethernet typically uses pin 10, SD card uses 4. By switching the correct SS line HIGH the appropiate device is selected. Be sure to deselect other devices first. Then only the selected device will communicate with the arduino.

ok ss = slave selct ? how do I handle it? sorry for bad English.... :sweat_smile:

sorry for bad English

what is your native language? I might be able to translate..

Every device has its own slave select line (the chip of the device, not necessary on the shield) and only one can be HIGH (or was it low) at the same time.

please read - - or - -

i'm Italian and you?

Yes indeed I had already read the wiki, what I do not understand is if I have to modify the library spi or I can manage the spi chip select directly from the main, and in this case how? you have the link for some examples?

i'm Italian and you?

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