[HELP] Multiple RF boards

Hi there

I've made a digital-shooting range for IR rifles.
It has 5 targets (1 rgb led + 1 IR receiver) connected by wire to an arduino mega.

The basic of game is actually simple: the board choose a random target, light in red the led, when the shooter hit it, the led became green and arduino choose another target.
There are some other features (choose of game, time, speed etc) but the core is that.

It will be possible to convert in wireless, using RF modules?
My idea is one base board that control 5 boards, each one with own RF module.

I don't pretend to let you say me how do it, but at least know if it is possible.
Could it work like the wired one?

video test


Yup. The ESP32 is suitable for this, one for each target and one to control them.
They can be directly connected by ESP-NOW

thank you
I take a look....this board seems very interesting, but it seems to be a bit to hard to learn to use...I don't have so much knowledge on advanced programming, I'm just able to programming basic-like script.

I wondering if modules like wireless RF (433Mhz) will work for my purpose

Sure, they will work too.
The ESP32 is not too difficult to learn, it still uses Arduino code so the only new thing you'd need to learn is ESP-NOW.

ok...that's fine...I see esp-now also, but is really out of my hands....so, I will try with standard RF modules...

thanks for your time

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