[HELP] my arduino mega on board fuse was burnt out

I have arduino mega for my final project, but something bad just happened, the GND pin was "contaminated accidentaly by 220V AC !". the fuse was exploded and the arduino can't be recognized by my PC. i see the leds for TX and RX becoming ON all the time, and the RESET button was not working (led 13 is OFF). Please help me to find way to repair my arduino mega is there i can do to fix it? or where i can make it get repaired?

Thanks, Nanda from Indonesia

220V... Should you be celebrating a 2nd birthday?

is there i can do to fix it?

Only if you have expereance with unsoldering and soldering surface mount components and you can determine how many components were "contaminated accidentaly by 220V AC !".

or where i can make it get repaired?

Labor and parts costs from any commerical repair service would exceed the cost of just buying a new board.

"contaminated accidentaly by 220V AC !".

Better the board got contaminated then a person. 220vac can be deadly, make sure that cannot happen again in the future. Consider it a lucky event that didn't kill someone. Why was 220vac wires even near an Arduino?

The fuse will not have blown fast enough to protect the electronics, I suspect every active component is blown. Throw it in the bin and start again. You were right it could have been your final project. Have you come across the Darwin awards?