help my arduino uno r3 please!!!!

I am 13 years old and I am spanish and my english is not perfect , sorry.
I bought an arduino uno r3 and the second day of I had arduino it isn't
function if you feed arduino of a batteries it is smell bad and one chip is very very hot
if you connect arduino uno r3 at USB for computer or Raspberry Pi it isn't
smell bad but if you upload a source it isn't responding my question is :
why the arduino isn't working is a failure of hardware of a bootloader??
in internet isn't clear my arduino have an atmega328P-PU of processor
please if you can write a basic english i would appreciate
again thanks

You mention multiple "faults" in your post, hard to get a clean idea of what's wrong.
My suggestion is to start with the basics, the arduino on your computer trough USB and try to get the blink example scetch working.
(Bad smell could mean your UNO is already damaged...)

hello i power the arduino and i execute blink
and arduino ide said :
Binary sketch size: 1010 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum) Serial port ‘COM1’ not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?

the arduino was connectec and in Tools > Serial Port isn’t avaiable
y cliked and no.
i am not funny the arduino lasted 2 days

You mention batteries in your first post, how did you connect these ? I get the idea this generated the bad smell.
if you put > 5 V on the Vcc input the board could be damaged.

No , I said 7 -12 V DC INPUT you can see this on

How i can know which chip is broken???
Can I change the chip and place new chip??

i know what is the chip of bad smell and overheat is 5 of the photo

but in the photo the chip 5 said SPK16.000G but in my arduino said 16.000
i duty change the chip for a new cchip??
i don't now , thanks