HELP! My stepper slows down


My stepper motor slow downs and moves like "heavy" when I use Serial.print or lcd.print

At first I thought it was a serial.print thing... but I wired my lcd and does the same thing.... gets heavy

Help me please! what can I do? I need to read some values of my encoder

Hi, to help you will have to post your sketch and a CAD or picture of hand drawn circuit diagram in jpg, png or pdf form.

We need to see what you see, at the moment we are blind.

Hope to help..

Tom....... :)

You are cross posting and that is not liked much here.

If you have a simple minded code determine your stepping motor then yes doing anything will slow it down. Writing to an LCD takes even more time to do than a serial print so your results are not a surprise.

Do not use delay and use the blink without delay technique for driving your motors.