help nead code for boat autopilot hold directions .

I need help. I started the autopilot project on board. i have arduino mega128 arduino UNO. magnetic sensor gy-271 and gy-521. electrotecnic on profesn . but I have no idea about writing code. I need a simple code to hold directions. the engine of the mechanism is driven by two releases. has a steering wheel sensor 0v to 5v center 2.5v. help

This forum is not a free design and programming service. It's here to provide assistance with YOUR design and YOUR code. Post those and ask specific questions to get help. Otherwise, check out Gigs and Collaborations. You might find someone there to do your work for you. But, you'll likely have to pay for it.

i whel to pay it is not a problem . i find lot of simular project bat i didnt make to work .