Help! Need my sound impact sensor to be more sensitive


This is my first venture with an Arduino Uno. I bought a Parallax sound impact sensor and have completed this project that I found on Instructables ( It works great except that I have decided I want it to be able to react to human voices and not just bass from music or sharp sounds such as clapping. I have turned the sensitivity knob up as far as it will go.

Should I buy another more sensitive sensor such as this? --igh Sensitivity Sound Detection Sensor Module Sound Sensor Microphone Intelligent Vehicle -

And would that even be more sensitive than what I already have?

I just want it to be reactive to human voices speaking regularly.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Sound sensor that I currently own-

I’m not 100% sure on all of this, so anyone correct me if I’m wrong…

The Parallax sensor you have is an impact sensor, and was classified under “vibration sensors” where I saw it last. I’m pretty sure it uses vibrations to detect sound, so only bass and loud noises will be picked up properly.

The other one you linked to was actually a microphone, which might be a better option. It should pick up quieter noises such as normal talking.