Help needed building Low Voltage Alarm for High Voltage LIPO circuit

I'm trying to save my expensive 12S and 14S Lipo batteries on a High Voltage EDF project. The ESC is currently being controlled via an Uno... I'd like to add in some code and a circuit for telling me when my expensive batteries drop below a preset value. This will be in addition the Low Voltage Cutoff built into the ESC. Here's how I'd like the ops to work: For my 14S packs, I want an LED activated when voltage drops below 3.3V per cell, in this case, 46.2V. That way, I have a visual warning I'm getting low [u]before[/u] the ESC LVC engages. I don't need a numeric display, just a red LED turning on at a preset warning value. A fully charged 14S pack runs close to 60V, so this might require some creativity?

Any freelancers out there? Coding and circuit design fee proportional to style points and motivation. Serious inquiries only to richard(at)topgunbase(dot)ws

Thanks in advance for your ingenuity!