Help needed finding resistor value

Hello there,
I don’t know how to read resistor bands to tell resistance and I need to know what resistance this resistor is. Can anyone help?

[u]Color Code Chart[/u]

Sometimes it can be tricky with resistors that have the "extra" temperature coefficient band, etc. It's always a good idea to check with a multimeter to make sure you're "in the ballpark" with what you're getting from the color code. It has to out of the circuit (at least at one end) to get an accurate resistance measurement. A meter is usually less-accurate than the resistor tolerance so trust the color code as long as it's close.

I tried a value calculator actually, but my resistor has dark red and that confused me. I do have a multimeter but it broke. Also I was going to post a picture but it was a jpeg and then I had change it to a png.

I do have a multimeter but it broke.

OK, so quit everything now until you buy a new one. :astonished:

Seriously! :roll_eyes:

Yeah that’s a good idea

I bought one of these component testers. It is not a replacement for a good DMM, but it is handy for measuring resistors and capacitors.
It will also test LEDs ( and give you the LED Vf), diodes, transistors (BJT and MOSFET).

I would start with the schematic, it will tell you. The second alternative is to buy a multimeter, the cheep china ones can be gotten for under $5.00 and should be accurate enough for this and helpful later in your future projects.

If the value doesn't make sense, then start reading from the other side.

I read:
Brown > 1
Black > 0
Black > 0
Red > 2 zeroes

That's 10000, or 10k.

The last brown ring is 1% tolerance.

Thank you!!