Help needed for converting json 6 to 5

I am making a esp based web clock with a feature of news telling but rest of my codes part is in json 5 and the news part (which I got from web like the rest of json things) is in json 6 int httpCode = http.GET();

if (httpCode == 200) {


    String payload = http.getString();
    const size_t capacity = JSON_ARRAY_SIZE(20) + 20*JSON_OBJECT_SIZE(2) + JSON_OBJECT_SIZE(3) + 20*JSON_OBJECT_SIZE(8) + 19020;
    DynamicJsonDocument doc(capacity);

    DeserializationError error = deserializeJson(doc, payload);
    if (error) {
       Serial.print(F("deserializeJson()error "));

    JsonArray articles = doc["articles"];

    JsonObject articles_0 = articles[0];

    const char* articles_0_title = articles_0["title"];


this is the part can anyone convert it to json 5

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