help needed in Bologna


i was helping an artist a little while ago to put up a installation with 3 x 16mm projectore and 4 arduinos, now it should be exhibit in Bologna, but some how it is not working,

it would be great if there is somebody around Bologna who has some time tomorrow (30.11) or the the next days to go there and check it out and maybe fix it. if there is some thing to work on i would pay for this time,

but the main problem right now is that i have to clue what happend so it would be great if some one could just go and check for the problem so far.

please contact me under koro-ness(at)

all the best tomek


we know what is the problem, one of the MAX485 chips are burned,

but we got the problem: it is saturday and today is the opening, but where to get a new chip,

it would be great if some of you who are in bologna and have a MAX485 (or SN75176) could pass by the mambo museum.

You be the man/woman of the day

here is the adress

Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna Via Don Minzoni 14 40121 Bologna

just go there and ask for the guys working on the video installation for todays opening

all the best tomek


try to contact this shop

Arduini Elettronica
Via Porrettana 361/2
Casalecchio di Reno
phone number: 051 573283


thanks you for your help,

unfourtuny the stuff is still not runing, ... maybe one of you know a store or service where we could rent XLR wire (100Ohm) (like normal mikrophone wires) with a length at around 6 x 10m ?

thanks tomek

If it's stuff for music and car sound system you can found it to

Tommesani Via Casarini 18

i live in the same bulding :D Also you can go to the shop from Mambo, is very near(500m).'Arte+Moderna+di+Bologna+-+Museum+of+Modern+Art+%4044.502779,11.336158&geocode=&dirflg=&daddr=bologna+via+casarini+18&f=d&dq=museo+arte+moderna+loc:+bologna&sll=44.494446,11.349231&sspn=1.234141,0.581538&cid=44502779,11336158,16315949783212717652&ie=UTF8&ll=44.502895,11.33258&spn=0.00515,0.010042&z=17&om=1

If you are here throw a scream and we will get a coffe ;D

unfortunally no on of our team is there, right now we just trying to find the problem with the help of the museums engeniers, this is the big problem, to do trouble shooting like this is a pain in the ass, it don't seem to work out,...

but right now there is no way for me to pass by italia, beauce i'm in new york (great city, but to far away). if you know some one how is into arduino and maybe as well dmx, please let me know,

right now we searching for some one we clould hire for a couple of hours to go there an check for the problem and hopefully fix it,....

regards and thx tomek

hello tomek

Could I go on saturday? or sunday?

at this point for me is a short trip but I can do it only on the weekend


I'm sorry but i'm new about arduino than i think that i'm not useful for your problem.

however you can tell me your problems, if i can i will help you.


to massimo:

thanks for your help, but it will be inpossible to reach some one in the museum befor monday, you know it is a museum everything is slow and needs time,

i will talk to the guys how is in contact with the museum and ask for some direct contact, other wise it will take for ever to get some information from the museum.

to q:

in genrell is it (just) a problem with the communcation between the different slaves, we use a very simple commincation protocoll, based on the electronic fondation of dmx (RS485) with 3 po XRL conntector and 110 ohm wires. Each arduino use a driver block max485 to conevert the arduino signal voltage RS232 to the dmx voltage RS485

some how the communcation don't work so well, and aspecaily on device is don't receiving and sending in the right way, I would aspect that one or more signal wires are fucked or the ship/ the soldering on this one device is fucked up, i didn't get so good inforamtion from this guy, so it is impossible to figure out the problem form here.

one think we are trying now is to close the signal line, normaly you used connect every device to the line, but it will work better if there is a wire from the last device to the first so the line becomes a cyrkle and we don't have any open ends, the problem is that i can tell this guy what to do, but it is hard to explain from the distance and i don't realy know if they are doing it right.

if you want to look into it, i will upload some information, would be nice if you could have a look

i forgot

thanks to you both tomek

Maybe i could go in monday and check connection and soldering.

I never use dmx protocol but i know it(the light control protocol), although i’m new about arduino but i have some experience with electronics(study and hobby).

if you want tell me more details, you can write me to stb[at]


hej q,

this would be great, right now i can not get hold of a proper internet connection but i will write a mail to you later today,

thx tomek

ok, i hope that this is useful, in the morning of monday i will have an examination, I think that i can go at mambo after lunch(15/15.30am, new york 9.0/9.30am), if mambo have a wireless connection can i contact you to check problems in real time?

also do you have test script to check arduino board and your circuit?


i have some code for checking the stuff i will send it to you by mail, i already sended a mail to you, i hope you got this one,

the time sounds good, i will try to get some informations about a contact person in the museum and i will send you my contact dates of skype, msn and all this stuff

all the best tomek