HELP Needed! OLED display does not work. (Black screen)

I'm Aron an i'm new to this forum and i'm an newbie in all the arduino stuff... :confused:
I have bought an I2C OLED Display but it doesn't work i have tried the I2C Scanner but no device detected. The site where i bought it says address 3c by adafruit! i have tried multiple things but nothimg works help me please

The site where i've bought it (it is dutch): 128X64 OLED geel blauw i2c display module - HobbyElectronica

Start by working on making it be seen in I2C scanner.

What Arduino board are you using? Are your header pins soldered on nicely? Are you wired up to the correct pins? Have you gotten any error codes in IDE?

Saying "it doesn't work" does not help us at all.

Saying that you've "tried multiple things" without telling us what you've tried also does not help us at all.

Only thing you've really told us that's meaningful is that you are a newbie.

So, start by answering my questions. Pics of what you're working with would be great. I just set one of these up last night and the Adafruit lib needed a little editing to work with my screen.