Help needed on how to fetch thingspeak channels field value and switch on relay

Please I need help on what at commands code to use in order to be able to fetch/retrieve a thingspeak channels field last value (1 or 0) through sim800l and Arduino and use that value to turn on/off a relay.

In a nutshell what you need to do is

  • Have arduino establish connection to server via sim800l
  • Use the connection to post and retrieve info as per your need
  • Process the info to determine if you should switch off /on the relay

If you need further help let me know

  1. I want to make gprs connection to thingspeak with Arduino and sim800l

  2. Check thingspeak channel field last value. If “1”, Arduino should turn on relay on D10. If thingspeak field last value is “0”, Arduino should turn Off relay on D10.