Help needed on race car project


I looking for help with a race car project for you guys probably a walk in the park obviously I'm will to pay. This is what I'm looking for

Touch screen with buttons on for various functions with good graphics I.e start, stop, nitrous, purge , cooling some will need tobe latching some momentary and I'm sure I will have other ideas just seeing if there is anybody out there that wants to have a go

Cheers Andy

Hi nobody want some work ?

HI Andy,

What is your budget on this. I may be interested.

Cheers Pete.

I have no idea of what it will cost give me a clue pls , it a race car so im not afraid of spending money

Andy, you might be interested in my most recent post:

While this forum does not completely answer your question, it could get you started in the right direction.

What is the latest news on your project? I might be interested in seeing if there is anything I can do to help. Some m