Help Needed - remote control scoreboard and motion sensor activated with sound


I play a washer toss game which is very similar to corn hole. I have always thought it would be cool to make a board that has a remote controlled scoreboard and a motion sensor in the hole which will activate lights and sound. I ran across arduino projectts that were similar and I decided to purchase a 2560 mega starter kit. I am brand new to arduino and this would be my first project. My kit seems to include both a LCD display and a 4-digit eight segment display, as well as a IR remote, a HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor, and numerous LED's plus many other additional items.

As for the scoring it would just be need to increase by single digits and it need a reset. The motion sensor located in the hole would activate LED's and ideally some pre-programmed sound clips. It appears that I don't have the sound module included in my kit and I will possibly need to purchase a recommended unit to get the sound portion to work.

I am completely new to arduino and would appreciate any assistance.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you all.

This is a fairly easy project to do, but given you are new I recommend breaking this down in learning chunks.

  1. program an arduino to increment numbers to the serial display when ever say D5 or D6 goes high–now you have a basic counter, Need basic push buttons to act as your triggers. This is rather straightforward


  1. get and LCD working so the “score” is displayed on the LCD. Now you can push button1 or button2 to increment the score and see it. A 20x4 display will run around $13. This is a bit harder but tons of youtube videos–i’ve posted a few.


  1. connect something like an ultrasonic sensor to detect motion–not sure if this will really work for small objects, i’m guessing it will. Replace your push buttons with the ultrasonic units. Now you can drop a washer in front each and have the counter display the score. Sensors are a few bucks each. This is a pretty easy step.


  1. get a second arduino to act as the reciever, connect the display to that along with a transciever. add a transciever to your first unit and get the whole wireless stuff working. Now you can drop a washer here and watch the score over there. This is probably the hardest as transcievers can be finicky.


  1. add a third arduno for one side, add another transciever. now you can monitor goals at 2 different locations and have the score in a 3rd.

Hope this helps

Thank you for your reply and advice. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. I agree that taking it in chunks is the way to go. I will do some research on programming the increment display. I would like to check out your youtube videos too. Can you provide me a link or user name to search for them?

Please excuse the lengthy reply and my ignorant questions, as I said I am new and I have this grand idea but I have had trouble finding instruction on the specific issues I want to address.

I have a 4 digit eight segment display as well as a LCD 1602 16x2. First question is do you have a preference between the 2 for the job at hand? Also can the 4 digit unit be setup to have one color displayed for the first 2 characters and another color for the other 2? It would help differentiate player 1 vs player 2's score. I can keep the push buttons for the score controls for now at least, possibly someday use my IR remote or my Bluetooth Master / Slave HC05 possibly linked to my phone to control everything.. I use either a cup or a bag that I place in the hole to catch the washers and I use a magnet stick to retrieve them. The cup or bag could have lights or a trigger installed. I was thinking I could use a motion or tilt sensor or a pressure switch / button in the cup, so when someone made it in the hole and triggered it there would be lights and some pre-recorded sound clips. Such As the sound of a jackpot on a slot machine or funny quotes or trash talk ( Ding Ding Ding, or Who's Your Daddy, etc..) activated for a few seconds. I have done some research and it appears that I need a "Sound Shield with MP3 and SD Card Capabilities" There are a ton of varieties and makes and models. Have you had any experience with these? Any recommendations? As to the number of arduino's needed, you recommended that I would need 3 correct? ( one on each board with scoring and wireless hooked to them and a third unit to control a separate scoreboard) So if I were to have the score board located in a small type of backboard or on a pole mounted behind one of the boards would it be possible to get by using one of the 2 arduinos on the paying boards and eliminate the need for a 3rd arduino? I have a mega R3 board, would a Uno suffice for the remaining board / boards I would need? For portability do you think the 9v battery attachment would have enough juice to run it all?

If there are any alternative ways to get the same type of results I am looking to get I am open to suggestions. Also when the time comes to order the remaining items (1 or 2 additional arduinos and 2 sound shields, either another motion sensor or switch / trigger for both ends, is there any additional supplies or parts I would need? I would like to place one order at least for the bulk of the items remaining. As to the components I have included in my state kit is the following a wifi ESP8266, I also have a RC-522 RFID module + RFID white card + RFID remote and a IR remote control and a IR receiver type 1838 plus a tilt detection sensor, a HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor, and numerous LED's and push buttons etc.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back for you as well as any other members that would like to offer assistance or ideas.